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Our Vision


DGM, our own European brand, has been founded in 1997, and our main offices are situated in Hong Kong and Europe. Over the past years, DGM has already built up a solid reputation for being a quality and innovative supplier. Since we started this brand for all these years we have been specialising in high-quality products like Monitors, Smart Home, Laptops, Tablet PCs, Power Banks, Wireless Chargers, Mobile Phone Accessories, Digital Accessories, etc., by which we have successfully accumulated extensive knowledge of the market and strong global sales network.


With over 20 years of experience acting as a European brand, we are determined to expand our sales channels worldwide spanning North America and Asia. After all, DGM is an independent supplier offering great deals to consumers, businesses and public sector organisations. Until today, we have sold so many DGM products in the European market that our brand name, as well as our extensive distributor chains, have now been well known by all our customers over there for our products.


Currently, we are focused on introducing a whole new world of Smart Living to the world. Through our very own SmartDGM app, users are able to control SmartDGM devices such as Bulbs, Switches, Sensors, Cameras and etc through their phone. Making user’s life that much easier, convenient and fun!